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The Last Secret Society Foundation is supporting every artistic expression and any artist mirroring the conditions which prevent a rebirth of mankind and which are reflecting the structures of self destruction due to manipulation and social control. We also support any futuristic or existentialistic approach picturing the path to a new enlightened future.
Neither religion nor conspiracy theories and not the ignorant believe in slavish capitalism will save us from our inner emptiness. The solution lies in everyone’s inside world as long as he dares to face himself with the right questions. Crisis and negation should no longer be a source of fear, since fear only supports the minority of profiteers of the current system. Everyone needs to find his or her own way of getting conscious about the invisible structures of the abstract social system he lives in and is controlled by. It starts with the tiniest details of everyday life and the poetry of every emotional world.

We need to turn around. We must escape the world we are living in.
Utopia happens tomorrow. Dystopia is now. Negation is evolution.

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